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Denise Easton


Mobile: +1 302.530.1072
Skype: deaston
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dgeaston
Twitter: @dgeaston

Denise is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant who finds inspiration at the “complex and emerging intersections” of strategic change management, human and organizational systems, and business innovation. Denise is the co-founder and principle consultant with Complexity Space Consulting, where her research and practice focus on helping clients build adaptive, innovative and sustainable organizations by understanding and influencing the complex dynamics across human and technological systems.

Denise co-authored Complexity Works and has published in numerous publications, peer reviewed journals. She co-authored a course with fellow board member Lisa Kimball for the Plexus Institute titled “The Complexity Lens” and contributed  “At the Crossroads of Organization Development and Knowledge Management” to the book, Organization Development in Practice.

Bruce Waltuck

M.A., Complexity, Chaos, and Creativity (yes it really says that on the diploma!)
phone: 609 577-1584
email: brucewcollaboration@gmail.com
twitter: @complexified
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Bruce has spent most of his working life as a change leader in government.  Bruce worked 26 years for the U.S. Department of Labor, where he created the Department’s award-winning Employee Involvement and Process Improvement system.  Bruce also served as a negotiator on the DOL’s pioneering interest-based collective bargaining agreement, the first fully consensus-based labor agreement in the Federal sector.  Bruce also created the DOL’s public-private partnership with the healthcare industry, which won an innovation award from the Excellence in Government program.

Most recently, Bruce served as Senior Advisor for Process improvement to the Administrator of a Federal agency in Health and Human Services.  Bruce has lectured and taught throughout the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia.  For the USIA, he delivered a series of 22 lectures on organizational change throughout Brazil.  Bruce has published numerous journal articles and book chapters.  His most recent publication is theComplexity and Quality Primer.  For more than a decade, Bruce has studied and applied concepts from the field of complexity science, to the work of organizational change.  He is a guest lecturer to doctoral students in community school psychology, on complex human dynamics.

Bruce holds a degree in economics from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, and a unique Masters degree in Complexity, Chaos, and Creativity, from the University of Western Sydney.  Bruce has his own consulting firm, Freethinc…For A Change, providing services on change, labor-management collaboration, and dialogue.  In his spare time he enjoys playing delta blues on his guitar, and growing chiles for New Mexican cooking.