Everyone is FLUXed

Get FLUXed?

FLUX has always been, and always will be.  It is simply the varied flow of past, present, and future experience.  

dimensional-fluxFLUXed is about the everyday dynamics of variation in our lives and organizations.  Understanding the nature and dynamics of FLUX enhances our individual and organizational capacity to act and react to life’s unpredictable disruptions and sense of uncertainty.  When we find ourselves in situations that push and test the limits of our capabilities, beliefs, values and expectations…. We get FLUXed.

Each of us is creating a dynamic story around responses to being FLUXed.   We can become better at responding to how we FEEL; what we need to LEARN and UNDERSTAND; and how to EXPLORE the space of new possibilities.  The goal is not to master FLUX, but to learn to be masterful in response to it.

Understanding our responses and experiences in FLUX  offers a powerful lens into our actions. Building FLUX  CAPACITY empowers us to act into the future to survive and thrive.